Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wishing Tree from the Wedding

As promised, here is the stuff regarding my Wish Tree from my wedding.  Picture below of the framed sign regarding what to do with a Wishing Tree:


And here are the wishes that were attached.  Some were signed, and some were not (if one of these was you, please let me know!).

Marriage is a gift from God!.......Joel & Marie

Love & Live

Congratulations Wishing you the best at your new life together......Cynthia S.

Hope your love continues to grow every day.........Marie & Gene

Lean not into thou own understanding in all your ways seek God

Put God first

Always remember why you fell in "love" and respect it! I love you! (can't make out the initials)

You two are my friends, God Bless your marriage....Marie

Wishing you all the best and a long marriage...Barbara

Do not have expectations, yes ask with love...Gloria

Take one day at a time and love & laugh always....Pat R.

Peace & blessings

There is no one secret to happiness in marriage or life.  Just keep growing together & love and appreciate one another.....Samantha

Wishing you happiness for ever and forever....Sheilda

Never go to bed angry at each other

Always pray

You have to work at a marriage every day.  Never take it for granted.....Patty

Never go to bed mad at each other sister

Count to 10 before responding!.....Cynthia M.

Refrain from arguing......Steven (he didn't sign it but I know it was him!)

Live Love Laugh....Lorie & Ricky

Congratulations and all the best for you.....Lewis


3.  Congratulations!  Have another baby so we're not the only one!  Love you!  Tyler & Hannah

2.  I'm still in charge....Love Meme

1.  Deanna is always right - admit you are always wrong Brian and provide her with abundant amounts of BACON for guaranteed happiness :-)  Marti

Okay, as far as #3 - Tyler and Hannah are expecting a baby in November.  This will be my grandmother's 1st great great grandchild.   So if Brian and I produced a child, it will only be a great grandchild.  But another family member nonetheless.  The jury is still out on this's a wonderful thought, but who knows?  And we're not gonna tell until we make that decision, one way or the other.  But for now, I can guarantee this - there will be no babies born between us in at least the next year.

#2 - that's my Meme for you, always thinking she's the one in charge!  LOL

#1 - there's my friend Marti, for whom bacon is always the answer.  Bacon is good, mind you, but for me, it isn't always the answer.  However, she got the first part of her wish correct - I am ALWAYS right!  lmao!!!!

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