Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moody Monday.....

Yes, I'm moody and don't know why.  Well, I do know why.....dwelling on some things from the past that I just need to forget about and move on from.  Seeing the family violence that has occurred in the Atlanta area the past week, and hearing some news from a friend about someone she knew, makes me realize just how lucky and blessed that I am to no longer be in that situation that I used to be in. 

I know I've talked about this a lot in my blogs, but oh well - it is my blog, isn't it?  I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on these thoughts, but sometimes something sparks my memories of things long forgotten (or purposely stashed deep inside, hoping to be forgotten for good), and it makes me think of my "former life". 

Remember to evaluate the situations you put yourself in, and always remember that you are worth more than EVER allowing anyone to control you.  Don't ever let someone control your life, and be wary of anyone that wants to alienate you from your family.  I know from personal experience - it can happen so very easily, and you have to keep your eyes open for it.  If it doesn't feel right, or if something about the behavior feels wrong, then it's wrong and get the hell out!  Protect yourself! 

I'm feeling kind of down tonight, and it's not about the past - honestly it's mostly because my back and hips are aching pretty bad.  I did go to the gym tonight and did interval class, and thankfully was able to do most of it.  I had been worried about my knee, as it's been bothering me since right after the wedding.  I don't recall doing anything to injure it, so I don't know what the problem is.  But, I'm able to use it to work out and it doesn't make the pain or stiffness worse (actually makes it better) so that's a good thing.  Still haven't figured out what's causing the back and hip pain, though.  Kinda worrisome......

Well folks, it's getting to be that time to hit the shower then the rack....I hope you all have a great night, and remember to tell those you care about that you love them!

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