Friday, June 17, 2011

Hallelujah! It's Friday!!!!

One of my favorite days of the week - almost as much fun as Saturday and Sunday!  I guess it's a good thing it's supposed to rain tomorrow - gives me an excuse to stay inside and work on cleaning up.  I've got a ton of laundry to get done and put away, and Brian says he's saving his laundry just for me for when he returns from his army duties.  Yay!  One set is now brown and black with dirt and mud, instead of that lovely digital army green!

Steven and I got Dominion a new toy last night - a green rubbery pig that makes (well, USED to make) oinking noises.  Took less than 30 minutes for Dominion to tear a hole in the throat of the pig, and by this morning, it no longer oinks when squeezed.  He has annoyed me with it for the last 30 minutes, putting it up under my arm or behind my back while I'm sitting in the chair.  He wants me to throw it for him so he can go after it.  I made a cute video of me trying to squeeze the pig hard enough to make it squeal, but discovered during taping that Dominion had slit the pig's throat.  OMG I can't believe how country hick I sound in the video!!!!  I thought my accent had toned down but wow, I sound like I imagine I did back when I graduated from high school.  Crazy!

I cut the grass Wednesday afternoon, this after weed-eating either Monday or Tuesday (my days are running together LOL), and I cut half the shrubs at the front of the house.  My arms gave out using those damn hedge clippers!  But, it's great exercise!  I may try to finish the other half this weekend, if it doesn't rain too much.  I got my new plants re-potted last night and put out - had a frog scare the shit outta me when I moved one of the planters!  No, I'm not normally scared of frogs, but I sure as hell don't like those suckers jumping out on me all of a sudden.  And I moved a majority of my house plants out onto the porch.  They do so well out there in the summertime.

My tomato and pepper plants are doing well.  The tomatoes have some little ones growing, and I have one tiny jalapeno on one of the plants.  Can't wait til both of those, as well as the cayenne and bell peppers grow.  Gonna have some great home made salsa this summer, and I may even make some fried green tomatoes!  (I'll be the only one eating the FGT, as Brian and Steven don't do tomatoes!)

Watching "Ghost Adventures" tonight - damn Zack's arms are HUGE!  Almost looks abnormal, as the rest of his physique just doesn't seem to match his biceps and triceps.  And he is such a sissy!  LMAO!!!

God is good - my coworker, Marie, is feeling a lot better, and my coworker Shirley's niece, Valerie, has made an amazing turn-around this week.  Marie anticipates she'll be back at work on Monday.  Valerie was in really bad shape - she's been in ICU for the past 2-3 weeks, sedated and/or unconscious, and today she was able to sit up in a chair and ask for her phone!  That is just incredibly amazing considering the obstacles that she's had to overcome the past week alone.  So if you are into prayer, please continue to pray for these two people, so that they continue to be healed.   Thanks!

Married life is good!  I'm missing my husband at the moment, he's away doing some army training, but will be home next week.  I can't wait!!!!  I misses him!!!!!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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