Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting video.....and other things.....

Below is a video I came across on another blog.  I found it to be kinda funny, and quite interesting (admittedly creepy, however).

This chick that I got this from - she is a hoot. I believe is her blog site.  She wrote a blog about a five foot cock (metal chicken, get your minds outta the gutter people!), and I have giggled all day about that one.  This woman just has an awesome sense of humor!  I think I have a pretty decent sense of humor most of the time, but damn, this woman is off the chain.

Almost like Tosh.O.  I literally almost fell outta my chair the other night watching him.  He had a video of this one guy beating another guy down with a very LARGE sex toy.  Yeah, it was pretty crude, and dammit I was gonna post the video here, but unfortunately I can't find a video where you can hear what Tosh is saying, and his comments make the clip even funnier.  Oh well.

Alrighty folks, it's getting close to my bedtime, and I'm getting sleepy.  Guess it's shower time then bed time.  I hope everyone had a happy hump day, and that they stayed safe in today's sudden storms we had this afternoon.  Here's to a Terrific Thursday!

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