Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost Friday......

Wow, what a week!  Last Friday started off with a bang and things not going as I had planned them.  But, I kinda expected things to not got perfectly smoothly, so it wasn't too bad.  The community service volunteers had already been released for the day when Mom and I arrived at the Legion to tell them how we wanted the tables arranged, so I had to have the men folk join us that afternoon to help with the physical labor in moving the tables around.  Thank goodness I have such great friends and family to help!  And thank goodness everyone understood when I had a meltdown because it was just so confusing with everyone trying to do something different than I wanted with the set up. 

We had a great dinner Friday night with everyone, and just really enjoyed spending the time together.  Saturday morning we got up and piddled around the house, kinda half-ass packing for our trip to the lake and just goofing around, waiting until time to get ready to head to the Legion for the wedding.

We got to the Legion Saturday around 12:30pm or so, and I noticed that the cake people weren't there.  I had asked them to have the cake delivered and set up no later than 1pm (ceremony was to start at 1:30pm), and there was no cake.  When I called them, the owner told me when she arrived that morning to get the cake, she wasn't pleased with how her understudy had decorated it, so she had to redo a lot of it.  She assured me it would be there around the time the ceremony was to start, and I told her to just come on with it and don't mind us, the ceremony would continue.  I was kinda glad they hadn't brought the cake, seeing as there were a shitload of cub and boy scouts running around like wild animals when we got there - I can imagine there woulda been fingerprints and holes from fingers being stuck in it!

Ceremony got started and went off without a hitch!  I noticed at some point the cake lady was there, setting up the cake, while the ceremony was going on.  I made it through without crying, too!  I was pleasantly surprised on that note.  There came a point during the ceremony, where the preacher was reading the vows where we had to answer with "I do", where I almost lost it.  I was looking into Brian's eyes the whole time, and he kinda looked like he was tearing up, and I just about lost it.  I looked away, looked down, looked at Ricky Dunn (Brian's best man) but he was looking down, afraid I'd cry if he'd look at me (he told me this later lol).

I did lose it for a moment after the ceremony, when I finally had a minute to breathe and get something to munch on, and my uncle approached me.  He told me he was very happy for me, and after all that I'd been through in my life, especially with my ex-husband, that I really deserved to be happy, and he could tell I was happy.  It was just so sweet to hear him say that, and for him to see my happiness.  Took me a minute to compose myself after that encounter!

We headed to Mom and Marion's lake house after the wedding for a few days of honeymoon time.  Steven got to spend the time with Mom, Marion and Michael, and Marion put him to work LOL.  We lazed around, fished some, swam some, got Dominion in the pool a few times (I think he ended up really liking it, as he realized it cooled him off tremendously), watched a few movies, and napped a bit.  It was a nice, relaxing time together, and you can't beat free accommodations! 

I can honestly say that I am happier than I think I've ever been in my life when it comes to relationships.  No one is perfect, neither Brian nor myself, but we accept each other completely as we are, faults, baggage and all. 

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