Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things from the past.....

So today I'm sitting in the closet, going through this box of papers that need to be sorted - some gets thrown away, some gets shredded, and the rest needs to be filed.  I made the mistake of looking at a calendar from 2002.  I used to write everything down, from doctor appointments, diagnoses, and the behavior of my ex-husband and the kids.  Not a good idea to go back and look at, as I saw some things I'd forgotten about that my ex-husband said and did. 

I often thought of throwing away anything that reminds me of his behavior and the hell I lived through during that time in my life, but I keep it all - I have this worry in me that if something happens to me, Steven would wind up with his father until he's an adult.  My entire family and my husband do not wish this to happen, of course, as it would not be the best environment for my son.

Anyways, I just had a moment and wanted to share.  Time to get busy cleaning again.

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