Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Fantastic Sunday!

Yay me!  I haven't itched since I got up.  I decided that I was gonna stay doped up on benadryl pills all day today, in addition to the steroids.  Imagine my surprise that I was actually able to stay awake and function while taking 25mg benadryl pills.  As long as I stayed busy, I was fine.  We ran over to Mom's to see the Comcast guy and I found Mom sick in bed with a serious migraine headache.  The Comcast guy was there, so we helped handle that and sent him on his way. 

While we were at Mom's, Brian tried out the chainsaw sharpener I got him yesterday - it works GREAT!  I even got to use the chainsaw, but of course I screwed it up and the chain came off, so I had to stop.  We didn't go over there to work, we just went to meet with the Comcast guy for her, and to work on her laptop, and since they didn't have the internet service up and running, we couldn't do the laptop. 

I got home and worked on the aquarium and got it set up.  Wow this aquarium is nice!  I am chomping at the bit to go get more fish, but I know I need to let the tank settle a few days first.  Of course the current residents are still a little freaked out about their new digs, but I'm sure they will settle in quickly.

Steroids are great for this poison oak, but they are wreaking havoc on my emotions.  The shot on Monday made me all weepy on Tuesday, and the pills have made me weepy and angry.  Every little thing pisses me off, but at least I'm still managing to control it pretty well so far.  I'm just happy that the itching is almost completely gone, and the bad lesions are looking a lot better so far.

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