Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend's Over.....

Weekends always go by too quickly.  Sometimes I get all done that I wanted to, and sometimes I don't.  I crashed really early Friday night - before 9pm I think it was.  I was just absolutely exhausted.  Why, I don't know for sure.  Well, I take that back - I know several things that probably contributed to it - the stress of itching from this poison ivy/oak that I have, staying up too late at night the last several nights, and having Chinese food for dinner.  All those things just sap the energy right out of me.  But, I honestly think the biggest drain on my energy last week was my period (sorry for those of you that hate reading about my personal things like that, but this is MY blog and I'll write what I want .  Don't like it?  Stop reading my posts!)

I was quite cold when I crashed Friday night - I fell asleep in sweat pants, a t-shirt, and a heavy robe, zipped up, and was under the covers.  I woke up just before 6am with Dominion next to me, and Bailey (Michael's dog) on me.  Bailey ended up getting under the covers for a bit, and Dominion was pressed against my back after a while.  I slept about another 3 hours, then Michael and I went dress shopping.

Shopping with Michael is always an experience, especially if you are looking for clothes.  There is the joke about Michael not looking good in yellow, and I took some funny pictures of him with yellow hats and dresses.  Of course he won't be wearing any such thing at my wedding, but it sure was funny to look at!  And no, I'm not sharing any of those pictures with anyone online.  We found a dress, but Michael, Mom and Marion like it a little more than I do.  I do think it's a pretty dress, but it's a little more dressy than what I am looking for.  I will keep it in mind, in case I don't find anything else.  I'm still wishing I knew a good seamstress that could sew me exactly what I'm looking for, and for a reasonable cost.

We had a great dinner with Mom and Marion last night - BBQ.  I haven't had good BBQ in a while, and let me tell you - this stuff was good!  Dinner with them is always a good time, and Michael just feels like he's part of the family around them. 

I stayed up pretty late last night, and slept in this morning.  I didn't get up til almost noon!  I took Steven to get a haircut today, and had to run a few errands while we were out.  I got the bathroom and bedroom cleaned up this afternoon, and Michael cooked us a spaghetti dinner.  He has been such a help today, too, getting the laundry started, and cleaning up the kitchen as well.

I got my nails polished today.  Boy did they need it!  My polish was chipped, and I've broken a few nails, too.  I filed all my nails down and polished them a new color.  It's a shade of lilac, I guess you'd call it.  It's different - I normally stick with reds and bright pinks, but I saw this shade yesterday and fell in love with it.

Okay folks,I'm getting sleepy (benedryl is kicking in, still fighting this damn poison ivy/oak mess), so I suppose I should turn in before I start typing about silly things and become offensive to most of you.  I hope you all have had a great weekend, and have a great Monday tomorrow!

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