Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon.....

What a weekend!  My horoscope yesterday was spot on:

"....Perhaps the events of the day aren't exactly going as well as you had planned.  Perhaps people aren't cooperating as you might have liked them to.  Before you get upset with the action on the outside, first take a look at what might be causing some tension on the inside."

See, I had originally planned to spend the day yesterday working in Mom and Marion's yard with Brian and Steven, to earn some spending money, and to get some sun while working.  I had planned this all week long.  But Mom had other things in mind - she wanted me to do lunch with her and her friends, since we had to go select the ribbon Barbara would be using for some of the wedding decor.  So, I changed my plans to do that with her, being that she's leaving for England in 2 weeks and we needed to get this done.

Then Meme calls me on Friday and says she wants to bring her shit over here and put it in the shed.  As if there's room for any more of her stuff.  But I digress.  I told her I would come get it Saturday morning and bring it to the house myself (I don't want her to come over here and bitch about every little bitty thing that she finds to bitch about).  But when I get to Mom's yesterday morning, she said I wouldn't have time to go to Meme's because the meet time with Barbara had changed to an hour earlier than I had last been told.  Apparently they forgot to copy me on the email or call me.

Now, I'm still taking those steroids, and let me tell you something - I had to muster every last bit of self control to not have a complete and total meltdown while at Mom's.  I was freaking out because I had to call Meme and tell her the plans had changed (which worried me that she would have a fit about it - thankfully she didn't), run home and dry my hair and do my makeup, and find something to wear that I wouldn't heat to death in and would be easy to change in and out of, as we were also going to go dress shopping while we were out.

I had a mini-meltdown in the car on the way home, and got it out of my system.  Then I went and had fun with Mom, Barbara and Sharon at lunch and shopping.  We didn't find the dress, but got the ribbon we needed.  Mom and Barbara went on down to Tanger Outlet without me and bought me a dress.  I actually like it, so I have my wedding dress!  Yay!!!

After I got finished with Mom yesterday, I went to Petsmart and got some more fish for my tank.  Marion stopped by today and really liked how I have the tank set up.  I just need to put the background up behind the tank and then it will be finished.

Today was a relaxed day.  We went to Mom's, I tried on the dress she bought me, then we stopped by and picked up a few of the boxes that Meme wanted moved over here.  Brian and I have decided that once we get his storage unit cleaned out, we are moving all of Meme's things into it and then she can move stuff in and out of there as she pleases, and won't have to worry about coming over here anymore.  I'm sure it will really piss her off, since she seems to think there was some kind of agreement that I would keep the spare bedroom as a storage closet, but we needed that space for us. 

Had a great nap this afternoon after we got back from the dog park, and cooked a good dinner, too.  Baked fish, broccoli/cheese rice and early peas.  Yummy!  I got lunch packed for tomorrow, and snacks, too!  The only things I still need to do is finish laundry and lay out clothes for tomorrow.  It's great to get a jump on things sometimes and not have to worry about doing them later!

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