Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my 9 year quit anniversary.  That's right, I quit smoking 9 years ago today.  Haven't had a single cigarette since March 30, 1992.  I won't lie to you - there's been times, even as recently as within the last 6 months, where I've had a burning craving to smoke a cigarette, but I'm sure if I had given in to temptation, I would have turned green and tossed my cookies big time. 

Most of the time, I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke anymore.  There are certain people I work with that I don't even like to be in close proximity with because they just reek of smoke.  And of course, one of them loves to linger right next to you, nasty stinky stale cigarette smell wafting directly into my nose.  It just makes me wanna barf! 

About the only time I willingly go somewhere that smoking is permitted inside is for the Mustang Mayhems.  We always have such a great time, but it's at a bar where smoking is allowed inside.  If it weren't for the fact that I usually have such a great time attending the Mayhems, I would just not go so that I wouldn't come home reeking of smoke.  It's so gross sometimes that I have to change purses because my purse will absorb the smoke and reek for days on end.

I can't believe I used to go around smelling like that, either.  Smoke is just a nasty, nasty stench.  Once I quit, my husband at the time just didn't get that he smelled NASTY.  He made some lame, half-hearted attempts to quit, but never stuck with it.  And he thought that the simple act of brushing his teeth, popping a mint, and showering would take away the stink from him.  WRONG!  When you smoke 2 packs a day, there's nothing you can do to wash away the stench.  It comes from deep within your lungs, and out your pores.

I can't believe I used to smoke around my son, exposing him to all that second hand smoke.  Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any ill effects from it, and fortunately he wasn't plagued with chronic ear infections like so many children of smokers are.  A lot of people don't realize that there's actually something called "third hand smoke" - it's the smoke that sticks to your clothes and hair, and can actually expose someone to the same dangers that second hand smoke can.  If you're a smoker, it's just not enough to smoke outside, away from the kids.  That stench and those poisonous chemicals follow you around and can affect those around you when you come inside.

I am so very glad that Brian doesn't smoke.  He's a former smoker and feels the same way about it that I do.  When we first met, we both said that we were looking for someone that didn't smoke, that smoking was definitely a deal-breaker for both of us.  Of course we have both dated smokers in the past, but it's just a nasty disgusting habit that neither of us would have been willing to tolerate.

If I've offended any of you that smoke, too bad - you should quit!  Especially those of you that have children.  If you don't quit for you, then do it for your children.  They deserve much better than being exposed to second and third hand smoke.    They deserve to have their parents healthy for years to come, and they deserve to not have the bad example that smoking is okay.  Set a good example by quitting!


  1. Baby,
    You don't know how happy it makes me to read this blog. I smoked for 20 years and finally gave it up in 1976. I just can't bear to be around smokers and have lost many friends and acquaintences because I just won't allow myself to be around smoke. We used to love to go to nightclubs and musical events. Smoking and loud music killed that for us. Not only was the smoke bad the bands covered their talent with earsplitting loudness. Haven't been to a bar or concert hall for years.


  2. Thanks Pop! Love you! Glad you're a quitter too!