Monday, March 28, 2011

Manic Monday.....

Wow, what a day.  It didn't start off too badly, other than crappy weather (raining and a little on the cool side, after a couple of weeks of really nice weather).  My day was going along just fine until someone I shall call "Mr Grump" started up this afternoon. I won't go into any more detail about this situation, other than to say that Mr Grump was proven wrong!  Not that it will change anything, but it's nice to be able to prove him wrong on occasion.

By the time I was heading to Gold's, I was feeling pretty frustrated and was quite glad I was going to the gym so that I could work off some of the anger I was feeling.  I was wishing they had a punching bag up there so I could beat out my frustrations, but alas I don't believe they do.  Brian skipped tonight, so I just did interval class, and managed to get through most of the class on the step.  I found out from the instructor of tonight's class that the one that kicked our asses Thursday night was called "total body interval", so that explains why it's so much more difficult.  I don't see myself trying the Thursday class again until I have mastered the regular interval class I take on Mondays.

This morning I put a roast into the crock pot with some potatoes and carrots, and had another crock pot with fresh collards.  It was so nice to come home to dinner ready to eat!  The collards were spiced pretty hot, and were so yummy!  And the roast, potatoes and carrots were good, too!  I need a crock pot cookbook - between Brian, me and the ones that Meme left over here, we have about 5 crock pots.  Crock pots are just a wonderful thing to have - put something in it in the morning, and dinner's ready when you get home.  I'm thinking I may put some beans in one in the morning to go along with whatever we end up having for dinner.  We have GOT to start pre-planning our meals - makes dinner time so much easier, and it keeps us from being tempted to eat out too much.

I've decided I'm going to give a try to growing my own peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  I've got a bunch of pots here, and there are plenty I can get from Mom's house that aren't being used, and I can set them up on the back porch and around the back porch.  (we are not allowed to plant gardens in our yards here in the neighborhood, but can plant what we want in pots)

I also want to learn how to freeze fresh veggies like I remember my grandmother and mother doing when I was young.  We would go to the farmers market and buy bushels of butter beans, green beans, and purple hull peas, and sit around shelling them and snapping the green beans.  The way the economy is, I think we would be better off doing that than buying at the grocery store every week.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a little better, or at least maybe certain problems will be resolved!

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  1. excuses, excuses, big surprise there (in reference to Mr Grump)