Saturday, March 12, 2011


Happy Birthday to my mother!  We had a great birthday dinner tonight, and Brian came up with a great gag gift for her.  She is a diehard "Survivor" fan, and Ralph (the really hairy guy) grosses her out, so we found a picture online, printed it and framed it for her.  She grossed out but laughed pretty good over it. 

So I get up this morning and the rash is somewhat better, so I actually contemplated not going back to the doctor.  But of course Brian says "if you don't go, I don't wanna hear you bitching when you are miserable later on".  So, I went.  I kinda figured out why I seem to be better in the mornings and get worse as the day progresses - the prescription antihistamine is taken at night, so it helps clear things up, but it wears off by the time I go to bed the following night, so the rash just gets more and more pronounced as the day progresses, until it's time to medicate again.  I think I'm going to self-mediate with Benadryl pills all day tomorrow, until it's time for the prescription stuff, and see if that puts a dent in this.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight - spring forward and lose an hour of sleep!  (dammit!)

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