Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Saturday.....

But it didn't start out as a lazy, hazy Saturday.....

I got up this morning with the best of intentions to stay busy all day.  Got the boys up and we went to the gym.  Steven took the interval class with me, and boy was that entertaining, to say the least!  He's even more uncoordinated than I was when I started the class.  That's not really a fair statement, though, since I was familiar with step moves prior to taking interval, and Steven has never done step aerobics or anything similar.  He stuck with it and wants to go to class again, although not with the "old ladies on Saturday mornings".  (I had to assure him that Monday afternoon class had younger, pretty ladies in it for him to agree to try the class again LOL)

After the gym, we shopped for some back to school stuff at Wally World.  They only had 1 pair of shorts in stock that fit him, so I knew we'd have to look elsewhere for more.  Lunch at Chick-fil-A, then onto Target to spend our wedding gift cards on shoes and also buy some shorts for Steven.  We were in luck at Target on shorts - I bought him 3 more pair, so he is good to go for shorts for this year.  Found me some cute sandals on sale for less than $10, which is amazing at Target considering I wear 11's and they only carry 11's in certain shoes. 

Ended up at Randar's Reptiles for snake food and EcoEarth (bedding material for the snake), then home.  I had wanted to go to the Farmers Market and get that box of sweet potatoes, but it was just so hot outside and I was tired, so we stayed home.  It wasn't long after getting home that I caught a major case of the sleepies, so I went to take a nap somewhere around 3pm.  Wasn't a very peaceful nap at times - we had a heck of a thunderstorm roll through, the dogs kept jumping on the bed, playing or fighting, I'm not sure which at this point, and then Steven got hold of the helium balloon from my flower arrangement and was running through the house, giggling on helium.  I'm sure I would have found that last bit about Steven to be funny, had I not been awakened from a much needed nap.

My nap ended up lasting about 5 hours or so, and I'm already ready to crawl back into bed (I've only been up an hour).  I had to get up when I did because I was feeling bad, I imagine because I need to eat!  Snacked on some of those yummy apple cinnamon rice cake snacks.   I wasn't expecting them to be as damn good as they were, but wow, they hit the spot.  But now it's time for a sammich! 

Well folks, I'm gonna get that sammich, and watch whatever is on Sci-Fy channel tonight.  I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

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