Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday.....coulda been better, but coulda been a LOT worse!

So I had a rough day at work today.  Not going into a lot of details on here, but I had some very challenging moments with a few different situations, and let me tell ya something - having killer PMS and working through those moments are a true exercise in patience, tact and just plain out self-restraint! It was bad enough and got under my skin enough that I began to wonder if the gym has a punching bag, and if it would hurt my knuckles too much to go to town on it without gloves or being taped up!

I got a great workout in the interval class, though, and it helped to disperse some of the tension and anger.  Rhonda is stepping things up a bit and it's getting a tad more difficult and challenging - I discovered that on Saturday - and tonight was no different.  Really kicked my ass!  (and really really made me sweat!)  When I finished, Brian insisted I do some of the machines with him and Steven, so I did.  Good thing I was there - Steven seems to be having trouble comprehending instructions regarding proper lifting techniques.  We are trying to make sure he learns proper form now so that he won't injure himself. 

When we got home, we took the pups to the dog park.  They had a great time - Gabriel made a new friend and ran and played and wrestled with him.  And of course, Gabriel had to go wallow in the swimming pool while he was there, too.  LOL

Now we're having a relaxing evening, watching wrasslin' and eatin' pizza.  And filling out the freaking zillion pages of crap that you gotta fill out when your kid starts back to school.  I had to take a break before I got a massive hand cramp!

I gotta figure out what class (if any) that I'm gonna do tomorrow night at the gym, or if I'm just gonna do the treadmill and weight machines......hmmmmmm......

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