Thursday, August 25, 2011


So tonight I tried Zumba at the gym.  That class is soooo not for me!  I am so uncoordinated when it comes to dance moves, and I just have no rhythm, that I won't be doing that class again.  It requires a lot of hip shaking and moves I just can't fathom being able to do - I tried, believe me I tried, but what I managed to do didn't look even remotely close to what the instructor was doing.  I am so glad they don't video record us in there!  LOL  Looks like I'll be sticking with interval, step and power classes, and maybe the occasional centergy class if Linda is the one teaching it.

Brian is watching "Saving Private Ryan".  Have I mentioned that I really don't care for war movies?  LOL  I married a soldier, but yet I don't like war movies. 

I cooked enchiladas for dinner tonight - Brian had requested them the other day, said he wanted me to make them at least once before he deploys.  I jokingly call them my "damn enchiladas" because I never really liked them that much, and I don't usually enjoy them all that much either, but of course I'll cook him anything he asks for that I'm capable of cooking.  And they were good enough that I'm taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I have harvested some of the jalapeno peppers that I've grown, and Brian had one last night and a couple of them tonight.  Last night he mentioned that the one he ate was the hottest one he'd had in a while, if it wasn't the hottest one period.  Tonight, he chomped into one that had turned red, and he was like "OMG!!!!" and started choking and his eyes turned red and started tearing up.  He said it was waaaayyyy hotter than the one last night!  LOL  Insisted that Steven and I try it, too - he cut a small piece off and mixed it in with Steven's enchilada, and he didn't seem to be bothered by it.  Then he rubbed the pepper on a piece of my enchilada and I could smell it before I tasted it, and once I ate it, my mouth got a tad bit warm, but it really wasn't all that bad.  Of course that was just the juice from it, I can only imagine how hot it would have been had I eaten a piece.

Speaking of hot things - we ate at a chinese buffet a few weeks ago, and I had gotten some wasabi to try with a piece of sushi.  Let's just say that I didn't care for the piece of sushi that I tried, and the wasabi was "different".  I didn't find it to be painfully hot, but then again, I only tasted a teeny tiny bit of it.  Steven picks up a glob of it about the size of a garbonzo bean, and eats it.  He was fine for about 10 seconds, til the heat kicked in.  It was pretty funny to watch his reaction to that!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!  I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow afternoon and doing the step class.  I may try to hit the interval class on Saturday morning, but I'm not sure yet.  We have a photo shoot with Crystal Saturday afternoon -  gotta get some pictures made before Brian deploys!  He is trying his best to get out of it, as he really doesn't like having his picture made, but a promise is a promise!  LOL

I hope y'all have a great Friday tomorrow, and a fantabulous weekend!

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