Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing ever goes as planned.....

Nope, it never does.  I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon, but didn't get much of a workout in.  Did the treadmill for about 15 minutes, and a few machines, but mostly watched Brian trying to instruct Steven on proper technique on some ab exercises, but it seems like when one of us tries to help Steven with working out, he doesn't pay much attention, which leads to frustration on our part.  Steven says he honestly wants to learn how to properly use the machines and work out, but he's just not paying attention when we instruct him on technique.  I'm hoping he improves with that before Brian leaves, because Steven and I won't always being working out together, doing the same things at the same time and I want to make sure he does things properly so that he doesn't injure himself.

Speaking of Steven - I took him to the doctor this afternoon.  He has his first case - ever - of bronchitis.  The last 3 nights he's coughed so hard that he's thrown up.  The doctor said he could hear some wheezing in his chest, so I'm very glad that I took him in this afternoon.  He got an inhaler, codeine cough syrup and antibiotics, plus he's got to take Mucinex to help as well. 

I didn't make it to the gym tonight, as I fell asleep sitting up in the chair at the doctor's office, and was so tired that I took an hour nap when we finally got home and settled from picking up his prescriptions.  Grilled some mean chicken tonight and made some pasta and English peas (some of those that I froze fresh last month).  I usually enjoy cooking dinner, when it all comes together and turns out good.  I hope that I don't lose my desire to cook when Brian goes on deployment.  It's much more economical to cook meals at home rather than to eat out all the time, and I need to start talking to Steven about that soon, too, as he really likes eating out.

Looks like the puppy will be living his life in his crate for a while, as he can't seem to stop having accidents in the house.  Brian moved the crate into the computer room last night, so if the puppy was howling at 3am, I didn't hear it.  It was so nice sleeping until the alarm went off this morning, with no interruptions!

Well the shower is calling my name, and I best answer it!  Good night!

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