Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a day......

So I get up this morning in a royally bad mood, mainly because I was awakened too darn early.  Not gonna say why, but it wasn't for anything good, fun or exciting.  I resorted to what I used to do when I would get mad - I started cleaning house.  I piddled around in the kitchen a little while, and after Brian got up and took the dogs to the dog park, I started cleaning the bedroom.

I got the bedroom cleaned up, and vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet in the bedroom and living room.  I also cleaned up my desk, too.  I never finished up in the kitchen, was too tired from everything else.  Brian was watching "Alice in Wonderland" (the one with Johnny Depp) and I laid in the floor with him and fell asleep. 

We had a yummy dinner at our favorite BBQ place - McGhinn's Southern Pit in Griffin.  I tried the small rib plate tonight and damn it was good.  I didn't realize Steven loved brunswick stew as much he does - he put it on everything tonight - his bbq sandwich, his cornbread, and straight out of his bowl. 

Steven's at a sweet sixteen party tonight for one of his classmates.  On the way home from dropping him off, I started thinking about what kind of party to have for him, and where we would have it.  I can't believe he will be 16 this year!  (and if any of you have any party ideas for him, please let me know!)

Okay, I'm gonna share a personal injury story here, that's of a somewhat intimate nature.  Only because now I think it's kinda funny.  I was changing into some lounging around the house clothes, and my bra's underwire on one cup was coming through the material.  I didn't realize it, and somehow managed to cut the hell outta my bewb!  We are talking a 3 inch gash - not a scratch, but a GASH!!!  Removed skin and bleeding!!!!  NOT FUN!!!  But kinda funny now that it's been a while since it happened.  So ladies - if you wear underwire bras, make sure you regularly inspect them to insure that the wires aren't working their way out of the fabric - getting cut by one of those that has a rough edge is a bitch!

Well folks, I think I need to take a nap before it's time to pick Steven up from his party.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday tomorrow!

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