Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend - Friday night we took Steven to the Tilted Kilt (think Hooters, only better).  He had a great time, I think, or at least he seemed to.

I got up yesterday and went to the gym - Interval class.  I'm starting to hate it.  It's getting harder, more challenging, and yes, I know I need it.  But.....I got concerned yesterday because I actually broke out in a cold chill about 40 minutes in.  I had just been feeling unbelievably hot, and we got on the floor to do some abdominal stuff, and suddenly I've got goosebumps and had a cold chill go through me.  For the first time ever, I left class to go splash cold water on my face.  I went back to class and finished it, well all of it but maybe the last 3-4 minutes of it, but I had had enough.

Came home showered and dolled myself up for our photo shoot with my friend Crystal, who owns and operates Hello, Doll Photography (check her page out on Facebook).  Here are some of the shots:



Steven and me

Brian really hates having his picture made, but he was a good sport, although he did a great job of showing how freakin' crazy he can be sometimes!

We then went to see his mom and hung out over there for a while before coming back home.  I was sooooo sleepy when we got home!

Got up this morning, walked Gabriel and farted around the house til around 10.  Got my hubby up and we took the pups to the dog park, then went to the firing range to shoot some zombies in preparation for the coming apocalypse.  LOL  But seriously, we shot up our targets, came home and took a super awesome nap!  Fixed philly cheese steak sammiches for dinner, and gonna have ice cream for dessert.

I love my life, my husband, my son and my family!  Life is GOOD!!!!

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