Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday.....

Nice, lazy Sunday so far.  Got up around 9:30am, showered, dropped Brian and Dominion off at the dog park, then I headed to Target to finish our gift registry.  Finished there and then went back to the dog park to hang out with Brian and Dominion.  We took Mousse out there yesterday (Mom's dog) and surprisingly he did well.  He was a scared little bugger, clung to my feet a good bit of the time, but eventually got adventurous enough to wander away from me periodically and we even got him to play fetch with a tennis ball.

At one point, though, Mousse got scared and started yelping at the one dog that insisted on sniffing him.  That was like the beacon of a wounded fish in water to the sharks - ALL of the dogs had to come over and sniff him, to figure out why he was such a wussy I suppose.  He finally calmed down and was just fine.  He barely growled at any dogs, and only showed his teeth a few times.  I would call yesterday's visit a success.

Today I just didn't feel like going over there and getting him, and dealing with his aggression towards Dominion.  Not to mention that Dominion doesn't particularly care for Mousse, and is somewhat jealous of him.

I've worked on the wedding invitations this weekend and they are almost ready to go out.  I still need the addresses of a few more people, and once I have those, I will be DONE!  I still need to design the cake, as far as how I want it decorated, and take that by the cake lady this week, and call the caterer to let her know my colors and to arrange to pay her the deposit.  I am so thankful that my mother and her husband are footing the bill the whole she-bang!  She and her husband have been so generous to us for this joyous occasion and I appreciate it so very much! 

Had a nice long nap yesterday, but awoke from it not feeling very well.  Not sure what it was, almost like my blood sugar was down too far, but I had eaten before we napped (a couple of toasted chicken salad sandwiches) so I'm not sure what that was about. 

I can't wait to hit the gym again tomorrow.  We missed it on Thursday and Friday, and were too busy yesterday with taking the chipper back to the rental place and running a few other errands and the dog park, and we purposely skip on Sundays.  I'm hoping Rhonda is back for the interval class tomorrow night, but if she's not, then it will be Lindsey again and she's kick-ass!  Woo hoo!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon. 

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