Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday afternoon.....

Crashed early last night - pooped out around 10pm or so.  Slept til around 9am this morning then I was ready to hit the floor running.  I got a little productive, emptying out a few boxes we got out of Brian's storage unit a few weeks ago, and made waffles and coffee for breakfast.

We took Dominion to the dog park then to Petsmart to wander around a few minutes and are now back home.  I am so thankful we still have a home - those storms the other night were AWFUL!  We listened to and watched the weather reports on WSB from the time we finished dinner until we left for my mother's house around 1am.  There was a tornado a few miles down the road from us, and we weren't going to risk riding out the storm in our house (double-wide mobile home for those of you that didn't know).  We sat in Mom's basement and Steven and I slept til a little after 3am, while Brian was watching the news and talking to Michael.

On the ride home, Brian was telling me about all of the destruction just a few miles south of our home - an RV dealership got pretty messed up, a forklift place was destroyed for the most part, a Shell gas station/convenience store was completely obliterated.  When I watched the news the next morning, I heard that the death toll across the south was pushing close to 200, and this morning I heard the number is around 340 and expected to rise, as there are many more people missing.

Such devastation and loss of life, it's really hard to imagine.  But I can see how it happens - people ignore the warnings they get on the news, and if they lose power and don't hear that a storm is barreling down on them, then they can't get out.  Then there are stubborn people that refuse to leave, that don't believe it will happen to them.  Honestly, I fall into that category at times, but gladly left the house when I knew there was a tornado approaching just a few miles away.  I am so thankful that the tornado didn't make it to my neighborhood, and so sorrowful for all the loss of life and property that others have experienced.

We are gonna spend the rest of the weekend around the house cleaning and organizing, and that's about it.  I think I'm going to head to the store in a few minutes and get a pork roast to slow cook on the grill this afternoon.  Time to try my hand at some barbeque. 

I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend, and please count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.  I know I am!

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