Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday morning

Just a quick note for Monday morning.  Traffic was a beast this morning,  Apparently there was a wreck on the interstate right by my exit, blocking the 3 left lanes, then it went to 2, then by the time I was 2 exits away, it was down to one left lane blocked, but of course the traffic was backed up about 3-4 miles by then so I had to get off on Cleveland Avenue and go the back roads.  I was amazed at the number of people who thought it was okay to drive in the emergency lane, like it suddenly became a lane for traffic.  I noticed when we reached the Cleveland Ave exit, they were trying to get back in the "real" traffic lanes.  As I got closer, I saw why - a motorcycle cop had someone pulled over in the emergency lane.  Too bad he couldn't ticket all those morons using the emergency lane as a road.

I stayed up too late last night, but that's not surprising, it's par for the course.  I decided when it was bedtime to put away the hanging laundry, which took a little longer than I had anticipated.  But, at least it's done.  The basket of clean stuff can wait til tonight.  (Brian doesn't put any of it away because I have a certain way I organize everything and if it's not put away my way, I have trouble finding things).

Well, it's Monday morning at work, the computer I need to do payroll and orders with is down, so there's not a whole lot I can do at the moment.  I suppose it's time to start filing everything that's sitting around, waiting to be put in its place.

Looking forward to a great workout tonight!  Y'all have a great Monday!

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