Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday night.....

Had a really great workout tonight - interval class.  We had a sub teacher, as the usual instructor is on a mission trip to Nicaragua.  I'm beginning to think that I need to switch classes, to stick with the tougher instructors so that maybe I'll get somewhere with working out.  I think for now though, I'm just gonna have to step it up a notch in the regular class, til I'm ready to really go the distance with the tougher instructors.

I'm getting sleepy already....from staying up too late last night and working out so hard tonight.  I'm trying to decide if I wanna try the kick class again tomorrow night.  I haven't done it in a while, and I need the cardio that it provides.  I suppose it will depend on how I feel when I get to the gym tomorrow afternoon.

I've been keeping up with this sweet little baby named Hollis Yaun on the CaringBridge website.  He had some serious birth defects, which they knew about before he was born, and he's had 2 surgeries, been on ECMO, and has spent more time in his brief little life in the hospital than he has at home.  He appears to be doing quite well, and may get to go home later this week. 

Last Wednesday, his mother's journal entry  made my heart sink - it said Hollis was born on a Sunday, around 9, and died on a Tuesday morning, around 3.  It was all I could do to not fall apart while reading this, although I don't know this family I just felt for them so much and was rooting for him.  I had to go back and read the journal entry again to see she was talking about how he coded when he was only a few weeks old and had died, but they managed to bring him back.  She went on to tell how many weeks he spent in which hospital, his surgeries, his ECMO, and how far he has come since he was born in September.  I pray for that family and that sweet little boy, and if you would too, it would be great!

Ten more minutes and it's shower time! (yes, waiting til "wrasslin'" is over LOL)

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