Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday night......

Went to Mom's house tonight and Brian worked on the tiller for a little while.  Then he tilled a little of the front yard, as we're going to do a grass planting project for them while they are gone.  Hopefully the grass will take root and grow and look decent or at least like it's had a good start by the time they come back in a month. 

I planted my peppers and tomato plants last night.  Cayenne peppers, jalapenos, and bell peppers.  Gonna make me some great home made salsa this summer with all those peppers and tomatoes!  I hope they grow well and produce a lot. 

Contemplating calling the foot surgeon to see if I need a recheck - I've been assuming my issues are weather and medication related but I just don't know anymore.  I know I've mentioned before that I'm more comfortable in heels than in flats, so yesterday and today I wore what I've nicknamed my "biker sandals" - they have a platform on them, probably an inch high at the toes and it goes to about 2-2.5 inches at the heel.  They are very very comfie, which is why I wore them 2 days in a row.  This afternoon I stood up to walk to the check signing machine, and I couldn't put any weight on that foot without a LOT of pain in the ankle joint. 

I took the shoes off and walked around barefoot for a few minutes, than sat back at my desk for about 20 minutes.  When I got up to go pass out the payroll checks, my foot was fine - NO pain.  This is so weird, and somewhat annoying.  I do realize that I don't have things nearly as bad as a lot of other people, it's still a nuisance when you're used to being active and able to walk around when and how you want to, without babying your foot. 

Having my pickle cravings again....must be those lovely hormones building up!  I realized today that this is the PMS week, and I mentioned to Shirley that I haven't been bitchy, which was surprising to me.  Then she smiled and said "you know, that's just a matter of opinion!"  Hee hee!!!  But looking back at this week, I HAVE been bitchy.....or more like, things have really pissed me off and I've come damn close to blowing my stack over it.  I keep telling myself to remember the Serenity Prayer - I know I can't change other people, so I have to either accept their faults or work with them to see what I can do to help them prevent the mistakes they are making.  What kills me about it is that I sometimes feel as if I'm doing everything to help them other than actually doing the job for them, and it still doesn't help at times!

Breathe deep, Deanna......breathe deep......

Having nightmares about the ex-husband, and about the wedding.  I imagine the ex-husband has been informed that I'm getting married, as Steven talked to his brother the other day and told him.  The dream I had with him in it - I had traveled somewhere with Brian's family, and for some reason James was with us.  He was actually being nice, but I don't know why he was with us as I just wanted to stay far, far away from him in the dream.  The wedding dream I had the other night had to do with the chaplain not showing up.  I'm sure that was spurred by my worry over why he hadn't emailed me back regarding the time change of the ceremony and the rehearsal timing. 

Anyways, wedding planning is pretty much done, still have to visit the cake lady to give her my design choice, and meet with the caterer.  Gonna be nice and tan by the time the wedding rolls around, too!  Got a good base going on so far....

So glad we get Good Friday off as a holiday at work!  Yay, let the weekend begin!!!!

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