Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Fatigue sucks!  We skipped the gym today because my foot was swollen when I got home.  The swelling has now moved from the top of my foot up to my ankle, and the joint is pretty stiff.  Walking is uncomfortable, but I get up and do it to stretch the joint and keep it from getting any stiffer.

Went by Meme's tonight to cut Yum-Yum's nails, and she wasn't home.  The cat wasn't anywhere to be seen, and I wasn't going to crawl around and search under furniture and drag his lil mean ass out to clip those claws.  I guess Meme forgot I was coming by this afternoon.  Oh well, I know if she had been home she would have kept me there for a long time, chatting. 

Guess I'll have a piece of the cookie/brownie thingy I made tonight and hit the sack.  Have a great night!

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