Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tame Thursday.....

Okay, I see the Facebook Police have finally come to their senses and unblocked my ability to post my blog.  Not sure how I got blocked from posting it in the first place....unless it was a certain someone or one of their friends trying to cause problems again.  If that's the case, then whomever it is just needs to get a life - it would just be extremely immature to keep reporting me for things, and would eventually get them in trouble for harassing me.

But I do realize that perhaps the block was because yesterday's entry was titled "Hump Day", and the title of the blog is "Sex, Lies and Broken Promises".  But seriously!  I think I've posted at least one other blog with the words "hump day" included in the title.  Makes no sense to me.  I followed the instructions to plead my case that the blog is not spam, offensive, or abusive, and never got an email back from them.  I just went to the "test blog" I posted a little while ago and attempted to post it and "voila!" it worked!  And to think that I've seen full-blown nudity on Facebook, yet my blog is perhaps spam or abusive?  What a crock!

We skipped the gym tonight - still sore from last night's Power class!  We took Dominion to the dog park after dinner, and he had a great time playing with a female white husky named Sheba.  She was beautiful! 

I suppose I need to work on the wedding invitations - Mom bought the ones that you print yourself (my request), so I need to figure them out and make sure they will work on my printer.  I also need to work on how I want my cake designed so I can take a drawing to the cake lady soon.  And I need to order the lights for the table decor so that Barbara can make the blocks for me.....and I need to get the birdseed thingies filled and tied up....and I need to find shoes.....

Speaking of shoes - there is a pair I found online at Dillard's that I absolutely LOVE!  The problem with them?  They aren't flats.  I don't really want flats, but Mom is trying to insist that I wear flats or extremely low heels since I'm already a few inches taller than Brian.  She doesn't want me towering over him that day.  It's just so hard to find nice shoes in my size, that don't have more than a 2" heel.  aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!

I am soooo glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!

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